First Impression | Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream

Thursday, 9 April 2015

First Impression | Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream
Even though I prefer higher coverage bases, with the weather being so nice and summer just around the corner I decided to try out a BB cream.

So what was my first impression of this product? After opening it I must admit, it was a bit orange toned. I was slightly turned off it but I powered through and applied it with my Beauty Blender.. Big mistake. As it is a BB cream I expected the coverage to be light but with the Beauty Blender you couldn't tell it was on my skin at all and throughout the day it didn't last at all!

However I didn't lose all faith in this product so I tried it again the next day with my Zoeva 104 Buffer Brush and was happier with the results. I got a slightly higher coverage with a nice dewy finish, lasting a lot longer than the previous day too. 

When the product first comes out of the packaging it looks slightly orange but it doesn't come out orange on the skin when applied.

My only complaint is that you need a lot of product to get even a light coverage, so judging by the size of the bottle, it won't last me very long!

Overall I really like this BB cream and I think it will be my go to base during the summer if we get some good weather (as it has SPF 30!). 

What is your favourite tinted moisturiser/ BB cream?!

Boohoo #WeAreUs Spring 2015 Preview

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Boohoo #WeAreUs Spring 2015 Preview

Hello everyone!

Last Tuesday I was lucky enough to be invited to preview the Spring 2015 collection from Boohoo. I have been a fan and customer of Boohoo for years so I was over the moon when I got the invite! 

On arrival to the hotel we were greeted and offered ice cream and a selection of drinks. The decorations around the event were so cute, its a shame I didn't capture the room fully on camera. As for the trends, there was a focus on the 70's trend as well as sporty and prints. My favourites had to be some two pieces, and some of their adorable white summer dresses. I also really want to buy some bits from their Boohoo Fit range, they have some really cute, high quality pieces for working out. It's safe to say that I now have a full wish list of items I want to buy from Boohoo!

I had such a lovely day browsing through the clothes and chatting to other bloggers.

Do you have anything from Boohoo on your current wish list?!

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March Favourites

Friday, 3 April 2015

March Favourites
So March has come and gone and it is finally starting to feel like Spring! I say that as I'm currently looking out the window at a grey sky and pouring rain but what else would you expect from the Irish weather?! This month has been brilliant. Even though it had one or two stressful moments, the fact that it was my birthday really made up for it..

For my beauty favourite this month I have a pair for contouring that I have been obsessed with, the Real Techniques Bold Metals 301 brush and the Sleek Contour Kit in Light. I purchased the brush a few weeks ago and I just can't get enough of it. Due to its dense, rectangular shape it fits perfectly into the hollows of your cheeks and dispenses the perfect amount of product- I can't get enough of it! I use this with the Sleek Contour Kit which I feel I don't give enough credit to. It is such a nice, natural bronzer as it has more grey than orange undertones. For the price, this is a great bronzer and highlighter duo that I would recommend picking up.

My March fashion favourite has to be my Topshop jumper. I picked this light grey jumper up on a whim when I was in London and I have been living in it ever since. As it's so cosy, on miserable days when I have to go to university I throw it on with some leggings and I'm good to go.

A random favourite that I couldn't get enough off this month has been the movie Love, Rosie. I was keeping an eye out for it in HMV for weeks and when it finally came out I snatched it up. Not only can I not get enough of the movie, because lets be honest the whole cast is stunning, I have been loving the soundtrack too! Lily Allen has been making a come back onto my iPod due to the songs F You and Littlest Things being ultimate jams along with Gilbert O' Sullivan's song Naturally. If you haven't seen this movie yet and you're in the mood for a sappy rom-com, this is worth the watch.

What I Got For My 19th Birthday

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

What I Got For My 19th Birthday
On the 26th of March I turned 19, quite an insignificant birthday but I was looking forward to it nonetheless. As the day has come and gone I can honestly say I had such a great day. I don't want to get too sappy but it made me so grateful for all of my family and friends.

Starting off with my parents, I received some Zoeva brushes! I was in serious need of new makeup brushes so they got me the Complete Set. Honestly, they're so good! It was quite embarrassing how excited I was to receive these.. It took me a while to actually use them because they were just so pretty but once I did I was very impressed.

When I went to college a little surprise was left on front of my computer.. It was the cutest little cupcake in a box with a little card from my friend Cliona. Seriously though, it was such a cute gesture  that I wasn't expecting at all!

From my boyfriend I got some Birkenstocks, shoes that I have been wanting for so long! I was over the moon to get these and during the summer rest assure that these will be my go to shoes. I also got the 50 Shades of Grey CD which has some serious tunes on it!

Next from Lizzy, she was kind enough to get me a Fujifilm Instax Mini 8. It's one of them things that I have had my eye on for so long but just never got around to buying one so I was so happy to get it. She arrived at my house with this, a Frozen balloon, a Lindt Easter Egg and the Amy Polher book from her mam (thank you Liz!).

From some of my other fabulous friends I got a cat build a bear (perfect for a crazy cat lady like me), A-MAZ-ING Topshop sunglasses, some Yankee Candles, nail varnish and some perfumes.

Not in a million years did I expect everyone to be so giving and kind and thanks again to all of my family and friends for making the day so special. I did not write this post to brag, just purely to share with you what I got.

Thanks for reading!