Friday, 14 July 2017

Sometimes you just need a life refresh.. A thought that came to me as I was getting my hair done last Thursday as I sat in the chair and my hairdresser Wayne 'freshened up' my balayage.

I feel like I'm currently completely refreshing my life, work wise especially. Between finishing up jobs and starting a new one, I don't know wether I'm coming or going. I've been in the same job for three years now. The job that kept afloat through college and has been the biggest laugh to work in. It was in a pub- I have collected countless amounts of glasses, countless amount of plates, moaned a countless amount of times about how messy people are and have spent countless minutes hiding up in the corners of the pub chatting with my coworkers. This is the place that I'm comfortable in, I know the ropes, I know where everything is, if you have a question, I'll most likely know the answer to it. 

Starting somewhere new is daunting to say the least, I'll be going from knowing the place inside out to being thrown into a new environment where I'll have to learn it all all over again. But I think it is time for that, to get out of my comfort zone and try something new. This is the place I need to be right now and I know that.

Similarly, my hair went through a little refresh of its own. I hadn't gotten my hair done since January I believe and my ends were ratty and colour was faded. Getting your hair done can make you feel like a new woman, how do the hairdressers make your hair feel so soft and look so perfect?! Teach me your ways is all I have to say on that.

I recently paid a visit to Wayne Webster hair salon who freshened up my dull locks. The salon is located very conveniently overlooking Grafton Street with it's entrance on South King Street. Believe me when I say you don't need a magazine when you're in this salon- between people watching on Grafton Street and chatting to Wayne himself, the atmosphere in the salon was just lovely. Wayne prides himself on a great personalised experience for all of his clients, ensuring they get what they want with fabulous service in between. Wayne topped up my balayage, toning down some of the copper tones and brightening up some bits, making my hair the blondest it has ever been. He also cut two inches off the ends, I can't even explain how needed that was, it made all the difference to my hair. I can't thank Wayne enough for the refresh, it was much needed.

Make sure to check out Wayne Webster Hair on Facebook and drop into his salon for a quick consultation.