The Ultimate Guide To A Girls Weekend in Las Vegas

Tuesday, 17 July 2018

The Ultimate Guide To A Girls Weekend in Las Vegas
Aka your Vegas Travel Guide! Ah Vegas, the one place in the world where the gals rule the turf. Some people give out about the gender inequality there but with all of the sexism and pay inequality everywhere else in the world, move over lads and give us girls one place to be superior. Now if you're planning a trip to Viva Las Vegas, look no further. I'm here to tell you things to do, where to stay and of course all of the tricks and tips about how to have the best time in sin city.


On my recent trip to Vegas, I stayed in honestly the perfect hotel for a girls trip. I stayed in Bally's Hotel which was on Flamingo Road (yes the famous road Tupac got shot on) and which is owned by Caesars. Let me tell you why it was the best.

  • We got the most AMAZING view from our room (The Bellagio Fountain, the Eiffel Tower and the whole strip down to the MGM, it was just magical).
  • The room was cheap and cheerful- working out at about $111 between 6 for 4 nights in the middle of summer which is a really good price for being on the strip. As it wasn't one of the really big names the price was lower but the hotel itself still had the same effect featuring a nice pool, casino and a food court.
  • It is in a perfect location. It is opposite Caesars Palace and the Bellagio- basically in the very middle of the strip which made it very handy to walk from place to place (if we could stand the heat lol). I stayed in the MGM before and although it was a fab hotel and very easy to get to see Calvin Harris (as Wet Republic and Omnia Nightclub are both in the MGM), it was just too far down the strip to walk up and experience a good few of the sights.


So let's be honest- we went for the nightlife. In the four days we spent there we saw Kygo, Calvin Harris and The Chainsmokers all for free, yep you heard that right. I'll break it down step by step.

11 of us gals went to Vegas together and it couldn't have been more perfect. As I said before, girls rule Vegas (luckily for us) and as a result we got in free everywhere and didn't have to pay for drink as we were on the guest lists and we sweet talked our way into VIP.. Not too difficult to do, even for an awkward soul like me. To get the drink, the first night we ended up talking to these guys in VIP asking them how to go about getting bottle service and acting very casual as they said a cool $3000 when it should have been $9000.. When another group swooped in and took the table 'we were after' then they offered us a drink and that was that! The rest of the weekend ended up following a similar path of finding our way into VIP because honestly it isn't difficult once you have a bit of dutch courage!

I organised guest list for us all for all of the events before we even arrived. I simply searched 'Wet Republic' on Instagram and a load of reps pop up. It seems weird, but all you have to do is DM them on Instagram or give them a text saying the dates you're arriving and how many guys and girls will be there. As I have said before and I'll say it again, they just want girls. Guys must be prepared to pay in ($75 into Calvin @ Wet Republic) but if your group of gals gets in there early (ish) and are on guest list, then you're sorted! If you don't know what DJs or artists are playing the weekend you're going then the rep will let you know and sort it all out for you!

We saw Kygo in Encore Beach Club which was in the beautiful Wynn Hotel in Vegas. Unfortunately I think the weekend we went (6th of July 2018) was his last show in Vegas of the summer but it was so fun and in such a cool venue.

If you're going to Vegas, you HAVE to hit a pool party, they are nothing like you have experienced before. Some people go looking seriously stunning but if you want to let loose a bit and really enjoy yourself when Calvin comes on then prepare to come out looking rough! If you want a drink, be prepared to pay a lovely $50 for a huge drink (that basically counts at 4) and $60 for a locker to put your things in. I would recommend getting a locker between a few of you if you want your phone and belongings to be safe and sound. There is an option to buy $15 waterproof pouches to put around your neck which didn't fail any of the girls but I'm sure could be bought for about $3 on Amazon before you go lol. Honestly, an amazing experience!

For our last night we ended up at Encore again but this time for another pool party.. More reasonably priced at $25 for an essential locker and absolutely crazy all round. I won't say too much other than we met Olly Murs and honestly had another amazing night.


As we went out and drank quite a bit and chilled by the pool, we didn't do a whole lot of sightseeing but this is what we did do and what I'd recommend.
  • Welcome to Las Vegas sign - the queues were crazy but you just have to get a picture when you come to Vegas.
  • The Venetian - The shops at this hotel are just insane! You'd swear you were in Italy because you can even get a gondola ride through the 'streets'.
  • Just roam through all of the amazing hotels.
  • I didn't go but I've heard the MOB museum is really good.
  • Another thing I didn't do was Fremont Street- full of shops bars and it is meant to be really good.
  • If you want to leave the city for the day- head out to the Grand Canyon which is unbelievably breathtaking!


Honestly, I can't say we did much 'fine dining' as we mainly stuck to slices of pizza in the food court but we did try the famous West Coast 'In-n-Out' which was basically the same as Five Guys but still pretty good!

Aaaand I think that is everything! Let me know if you have any questions, I'd be happy to help and if you're thinking about going to Vegas, do it! There is something for everyone and it is a surreal experience.