Clinique Skincare | Review

Friday, 12 September 2014

Clinique Skincare | Review
Hello everyone!
Today I am coming to you with another review, but this time it is a review on some Clinique skincare products. As you may have seen a few weeks ago I purchased the Daily Essentials Kit in the airport, something that I was very excited about. I had never really tried high end skincare products but I couldn't resist these in the duty free as I was looking for some new products to try. They just seemed really luxurious, nothing like products I have used before, anyway, on to the review!

Liquid Facial Soap
I never thought I would like this as I was never a fan of cleansers that you have to lather on your face and wash off but I love this! It is really gentle on my skin yet i feel like it cleans it really deeply.

Clarifying Lotion 3
This is the toner of the bunch and I have to say it is my least favourite of them all. It does its job, and very well I might add, as it makes my pores disappear and smooths out my skin perfectly however we need to talk about the smell for a minute, it is the only thing that turns me off this product. It has a very strong smell of alcohol which burns when I am using the product near my nose and eyes, thats how strong of a smell it is! It is a real shame because this is the reason that I may hesitate to repurchase it in the future.

Dramatically Different Moisturising Gel
All I can say is I really like it! I had never used a gel before but I was pleasantly surprised by it as I didn't know what to think of a gel moisturiser. In my opinion if you were buying any of these products, this would be the one to get.

Overall I just love the feeling these products make my skin feel. When I am finished my skin just glows and looks so much clearer, which is always a plus! The only thing is that this routine doesn't remove your makeup so I usually go in first with some Garnier Micellar Water or Bioderma to remove the majority of it. The great thing about this system is that it caters for all different skin types. I have oily/ combination skin so I use the Clarifying Lotion 3 but you can get 1 to 4 catering from dry to oily skin.

Have you ever tried these products? What do you think of them?

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Friday, 5 September 2014

So last Monday was my debs, basically prom for those outside Ireland. A night where we all get really dressed up, get our hair and makeup done and celebrate one last time with everyone from our school year group before we head off in our different directions. Personally, I had a great night, I loved every minute of it!

As I went to a debs last year, which I wrote about here, I was very laid back about the whole process this year. I started to search for a dress and found one that I fell in love with on Fanny Crown. If you saw my post about my awful experience with the company Loving Dresses (you can check it out here), you would know that I was hesitant to order online again but I need to talk about Fanny Crown for a second. I bought from them last year and loved my dress so I ordered from them again and was again in love with my dress. What you see on the site is what you get and at the moment, it is the only evening dress site that I trust! The material is really good quality and they have so many dresses so if you are looking for an evening dress check them out! 
You can find my dress here.

My day started off with an appointment at 11 o' clock in MAC to get my makeup done. I went for a nude lip and a brown/ burgundy smokey eye which I was in love with!

Next I headed to get my hair done.. Shauna from Shauna Spain Hair Styling who is a blogger over at Flutter On By did my hair which was gorgeous! I was very wary of up styles, I didn't think they suited me at all but I loved what Shauna did with my hair. One thing that I fear about going to a hair stylist is that they won't listen to what you want but the thing I loved about Shauna was that she listened to me and took all that I had to say on board. I wanted a loose up style with lots of volume and she did just that. If you live in the Dublin area I highly recommend her services so I will leave all of her links below along with some very exciting deals she is offering!

After all that was done I headed home and got the house ready before all of the guests arrived. It was so nice having all of my friends and family together to show me off to the debs. I had such a good time and would recommend anyone that gets the chance to go, GO! It is so expensive but it can be an amazing night. I had so much fun with all of my friends and it was a great way to celebrate finishing secondary school one last time, not to mention that I won the award for 'Most likely to be a crazy cat lady'.. A huge achievement in my opinion that may make its way onto my CV!! All jokes aside, my classmates know me too well! 

I will leave you with some more pictures now, I hope you enjoyed this post.

Did you ever go to your Debs/ Prom?!

Shauna's Links:

Shauna is extending her opening offers for the month of September which I will leave below which includes a Full Head of Extensions, styled and cut for €250.

August Favourites

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

August Favourites
As much as I love Summer, I am very excited to move on to the Autumn/ Winter season! It is crazy to think that everyone is going back to school.. Where did them three months go?! Anyway, on with the favourites..

My first favourite has to be my Barry M Gelly Hi Shine Nail Paint in Blueberry. I have been loving blue nail varnish at the moment and this has been my go- to colour all month. To be honest you can probably see it best in the picture but I love this formula and have picked up a few this month! I reviewed the shade 'Sugar Apple' here.

My next beauty favourite has been 'Sketch' eyeshadow from MAC. I have been trying to bring more colour into my eye makeup (emphasis on trying) but I think this eyeshadow is a step in the right direction! I would describe this as a burgundy colour which I have used to deepen up my crease.  

My fashion favourite of the month has to be my new 'Leigh' jeans from Topshop. They have rips at the knees which I didn't think I would like, but I absolutely love! I have always thought my favourite type of jeans from Topshop were the 'Joni' jeans but 'Leigh' definitely give 'Joni' a run for their money! They are high waisted and really stretchy, everything I look for in jeans, plus, there is a colour for everyone!

Lastly I have a book favourite! For the past month I have been reading 'Gone Girl' by Gillian and I loved it. It is about a woman who goes missing and the blame is being put on her husband. The film is being released soon so if you want to see what you will be reading about, watch that! It's great because there are so many twists and turns, I don't want to give anything away but you will be shocked! I actually read it on my Mam's kindle which I thought was brilliant for just throwing in my bag and easy to read on the go but overall in my opinion, you can't beat a good paperback! 

What were your August favourites?!