How to Style Dresses for Winter With PLT

Thursday, 23 November 2017

How to Style Dresses for Winter With PLT
Is it weird that the only time I tend to reach for dresses is in Winter? It could be because summer dresses are just not my thang and the deep autumnal shades just speak to me.. Who knows but all in all dresses can be worn all year round and I'm here to share some tips about how you can style them this Winter.
We all know that bare legs are a no go during the Winter (we need a bit of a break from shaving our legs, right?). One way to stay warm and look trendy is to throw on some over the knee boots with the dress you're wearing. I find that I style them more with flowy and more girly dresses to contrast with the, dare I say raunchiness of the boot.

During the winter season, tights are an essential in any wardrobe. Not only do they keep us semi warm, they come in so many variations. Personally, I stick to the all black number but I find that mixing up my tight denier can change the look of certain outfits. Now while on them frosty mornings I like to stick to the 'Super Cosy' number from Penneys, for an evening out a nice light, thin pair can change up a look.

Get the most out of your clothes and start layering jumpers over dresses. By adding a touch of knitwear, it will elevate your look by adding more texture as well as making the end of your dress look like a skirt! Not to mention, it adds that extra warmth that we all need under the jacket.

Dress / Jacket (Penneys) / Boots / Bag (Old Topshop)


I really hope you enjoyed this post and liked the looks I created for Pretty Little Thing!

Have a great weekend.

A New Chapter

Thursday, 21 September 2017

A New Chapter

I'm currently 21 years old. 21, standing on a stage in my cap and gown with a university degree under my belt. Two weeks ago, on the 7th of September 2017 I graduated with a second class honours degree in Digital Media from Maynooth University.

What an achievement ay? 

(Bag was a brand from Topshop and I can't find it anywhere sorrrrrrry)
Sometimes we take university for granted, I know I did. Complaining daily about how much I didn't like a particular module or how difficult computer science was (in fairness it was very hard haha) but overall I hardly remember the bad. It is so different not being in lectures everyday and not seeing all of my friends. However we all know your girl is not about to give up on them student nights out just yet, I have been out for the past two Mondays in Maynooth chucking back tequila. Just because I don't go to lectures doesn't mean I can't join em' afterwards!   

I've recapped on my university experience on my blog before, you can see that here so I won't go into too much detail about it.

One thing that frightens me however, is the fear of the unknown. I have had the security blanket of education for the last 17 years and now, it is all up to me. 

Fear isn't bad though, it can push you to move forward. 

I'm so excited for this new chapter in my life, although I'm just currently waitressing full time, I'm about to embark on a very big and very scary change and adventure coming after Christmas which I cannot wait to share with you.

Rome Travel Guide | Where to Stay, What to do & Overall Tips

Friday, 18 August 2017

Rome Travel Guide | Where to Stay, What to do & Overall Tips

Rome is one of the most beautiful and visited cities in Europe, and there is a reason for it! The place is just filled with culture and there is something to see around every corner. The beautiful streets and the architecture had me in awe so I decided to share my experience of Rome including where we stayed and what we did.

Where We Stayed

We stayed in a hotel called the Grand Hotel del Gianicolo, a beautiful hotel located about 15 minutes outside the centre of Rome in an area called the Trastevere. We had a really good experience with the hotel, it had a pool which we spent our days at. We initially booked the hotel because it had a pool and I'm very glad we did because the heat was insane (obviously because we went in August- not our smartest move!). 

Things to Note
  • The pool was such a pro- there was always an available sun bed and there was such a relaxing atmosphere.
  • The aircon didn't work properly- they said that it was under so much pressure because it was so hot which is fair enough but it was very very warm. In fairness I found that in Rome in general, nowhere had very good air conditioning.
  • The rooms are small but spotless, have a lovely bathroom, a TV, safe, a mini fridge and great wardrobe space. 
  • Although we loved the hotel, the immediate area around it is quite dead- we couldn't find anywhere to eat and everything was closed. We had to get taxis everywhere however they weren't expensive, sometimes €7 one way into the city.
  • Although the food in the hotel was lovely, the menu is limited and it is so expensive. We ended up paying something ridiculous like €35 for two club sandwiches and chips and two cokes by the pool haha. 
  • Breakfast was nice though and the views were amazing.
Overall though, the staff were very helpful and friendly and I would recommend this hotel. The pool sold it to me!

What We Did

There is so much to do and see in Rome and the place is just brimming with culture and history. We saw the Trevi Fountain, Pantheon and all of the main touristy sights (except the Vatican) and we did them all at night. It was easier to see everything at night because it was slightly cooler and there was slightly less people. Be careful around these areas however, there are so many pickpocketers and locals harassing you trying to sell you things (something that really annoyed me hahah). 

We took a trip to the Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary too (a must if you're a crazy cat lady like me).

We did a three hour walking tour of Palatine Hill, The Roman Forum and the Colosseum at 2:30 in the day and it wasn't our best idea haha. Although everything we saw was absolutely beautiful, it was about 40 degrees and just unbearably warm to really enjoy. I'm glad I did it to see the amazing sights but it is safe to say that by the time we got the the Colosseum we were fit to go home! 

An area that I highly recommend is the Trastevere area, on the other side of the river Tiber. This area is quieter and much less touristy, filled with gorgeous bars and restaurants giving you a really nice Roman experience.

Where to Eat

There was nowhere that truly stood out food wise except a gorgeous little restaurant we visited in the Trastevere area called Meccanismo. The atmosphere was great and the drinks were very strong, a very good experience overall. 

Overall Tips

  • Avoid Rome in August, it's very warm haha.
  • Be prepared for men to hasstle you to buy things on the side of the street- keep your cool with them because they really tested my patience. 

So thats it, my Rome Travel guide. It is such a beautiful city that everyone needs to put on their bucket list.

Rome Outfit Roundup

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Rome Outfit Roundup
Ciao bella!

As you may have seen from my numerous posts on Instagram, I was in the beautiful city of Rome last week. A full city guide is coming very soon but in the meantime, lets talk about what I wore while I was there.

Me being me, I had about eight outfits for a four day trip however unfortunately due to the heat (40 degrees, OH LORD it was warm) some just did not make the cut. Luckily my evening outfits made the cut and I'm here to share with you all of the details.

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Unfortunately this whole outfit is old but the shorts were Missguided, top was Topshop and the shoes are vans!

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Top (Penneys) / Shorts

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Dress / Shoes / Bag (Penneys)

How To Get Out Of A Creative Slump

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

How To Get Out Of A Creative Slump

 Ever just hit a wall? Not literally, a creative wall.

Well that's me at the moment. 

I visited a Tarot Card reader a few months ago, now believe what you want, I'm a bit of a sceptic myself. I have visited both a psychic medium and a tea leaf reader before, the latter being a disaster however both being really interesting and entertaining experiences. Anyway, back to the tarot card reader. He told me something about myself that kind of blew my mind, again, believe what you will but he told me that I let other peoples ora's or vibes seriously affect me. As in, if someone is in a really bad mood it will in turn put me in quite a bad mood or if someone is really energetic, it makes me feel the same.. A quality about myself that I never truly noticed until pointed out to me. He told me this was because I myself have a slightly psychic ora myself, which I am still quite sceptical about. I haven't seen anyones future yet I'll tell you that.

And the point of that ramble was just that, I let people effect me too much. It started off being put down about this blog and another bad experience which shattered my confidence (both of which I will not get into). This then led to comparing myself to everyone, on Instagram especially and how well everyone else was doing, but I never could. 

It made me feel like I had no voice, my opinion wasn't good enough and nobody wanted to listen to my mediocre content. I was in a creative (and confidence) slump and here is how I finally got out of it.

1. Changed my routine.

My daily routine has been flipped quite a bit in the last few weeks so I'm not talking about that. I'm talking about getting out to a coffee shop and getting writing, brainstorming blog ideas and getting inspiration because for me, they can't be done from bed.

2. Finding Fresh Content

Don't get me wrong, I love my blogging huns and everything they post but finding new people to follow and viewing fresh content can be so inspiring. I have found myself recently just browsing Instagram pages and saving all of my favourite photos which just makes me want to run out and shoot some outfits.

3. Retail Therapy

Need I say more? In the world of fashion blogging there is nothing like the text you get of a delivery confirmation and an ASOS or Missguided package waiting for you when you get home. 

So that is how I got out of my creative slump, how do you face them?

My full outfit is Penneys today, all recent purchases!


Friday, 14 July 2017

Sometimes you just need a life refresh.. A thought that came to me as I was getting my hair done last Thursday as I sat in the chair and my hairdresser Wayne 'freshened up' my balayage.

I feel like I'm currently completely refreshing my life, work wise especially. Between finishing up jobs and starting a new one, I don't know wether I'm coming or going. I've been in the same job for three years now. The job that kept afloat through college and has been the biggest laugh to work in. It was in a pub- I have collected countless amounts of glasses, countless amount of plates, moaned a countless amount of times about how messy people are and have spent countless minutes hiding up in the corners of the pub chatting with my coworkers. This is the place that I'm comfortable in, I know the ropes, I know where everything is, if you have a question, I'll most likely know the answer to it. 

Starting somewhere new is daunting to say the least, I'll be going from knowing the place inside out to being thrown into a new environment where I'll have to learn it all all over again. But I think it is time for that, to get out of my comfort zone and try something new. This is the place I need to be right now and I know that.

Similarly, my hair went through a little refresh of its own. I hadn't gotten my hair done since January I believe and my ends were ratty and colour was faded. Getting your hair done can make you feel like a new woman, how do the hairdressers make your hair feel so soft and look so perfect?! Teach me your ways is all I have to say on that.

I recently paid a visit to Wayne Webster hair salon who freshened up my dull locks. The salon is located very conveniently overlooking Grafton Street with it's entrance on South King Street. Believe me when I say you don't need a magazine when you're in this salon- between people watching on Grafton Street and chatting to Wayne himself, the atmosphere in the salon was just lovely. Wayne prides himself on a great personalised experience for all of his clients, ensuring they get what they want with fabulous service in between. Wayne topped up my balayage, toning down some of the copper tones and brightening up some bits, making my hair the blondest it has ever been. He also cut two inches off the ends, I can't even explain how needed that was, it made all the difference to my hair. I can't thank Wayne enough for the refresh, it was much needed.

Make sure to check out Wayne Webster Hair on Facebook and drop into his salon for a quick consultation.

The Wedding Guest Dress That You CAN Wear Again

Sunday, 18 June 2017

The Wedding Guest Dress That You CAN Wear Again
Going to a wedding? Then look no further.

I absolutely love weddings, they're a great excuse to get together and have a good time. They are all so beautiful and happy, I actually shed a few tears at my last wedding as the bride and groom had their first dance to 'Can't Help Falling in Love with You' by Haley Reinhart.SO CUTE.

I have been to two weddings in my life, I don't know how people do it if they get invited to weddings all the time because the struggle to try and found an outfit is real.

When I went to a wedding a few weeks ago, I struggled to find something to wear. I found myself scouring ASOS and Missguided for wedding guest dresses that I knew I couldn't justify. I did so much research that I even did a 'Wedding Guest Outfit Ideas' post because there is so much out there. As a student though, my budget was tight and spending €60 on a statement dress that I knew I would never wear again just wasn't an option.

I wanted a dress that I knew I could wear again, a versatile dress that would suit a wedding that I could change up my shoes, bag and jacket and it would look like a completely different outfit. One that I could wear on holiday, on a sunny day and a night out.

This one from Cari's Closet does the trick, it is called the 'Sophia'* dress and it is absolutely gorgeous. Can we appreciate that it is only €20 too?

Student friendly and suitable for more than just a wedding? I'll take that.

**Apologies for looking like a moody bitch in these photos, I can't even explain why I didn't smile at all hahah.

The Shocking World of Facebook Groups

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

The Shocking World of Facebook Groups

At this stage, I've become a bit of a Facebook group addict. Up until last year I had no idea that they even existed but now I'm fully invested and keep up with several groups daily.

Although I'm not an avid poster, I interact with posts when I see fit and mostly just sit back and take them all in.
For a long time I was just involved in the 'Irish Bloggers' Facebook group, 'Into the West Blogging Network' or 'Stellar Magazine' and a few more. The groups that I am apart of are helpful and beneficial, if you needed help you can get it. You can share your platform and these groups serve as a support network and community of people. There would be the odd disagreement but nothing major, everyone just brings each other up and helps each other out.

Up until last week when the world of Facebook groups got flipped upside down for me (sounds dramatic I know).

I found out about a Facebook group the other day where the members of this group openly discuss influencers on Snapchat. I was intrigued to say the least, so I requested to be added to the group and when I was accepted I was absolutely appalled. 

5,000 members in this group, mostly (like me) just there to view what others are saying I presume. This group is where people tear apart people on Snapchat.

Admittedly, it's not all bad, I saw a post the other day about how hilarious Pippa and Brian Dowling are together but for the most part it's bad.

Finding this group and reading the posts has angered me and upset me, I just don't understand it all. How anyone has the time to sit behind their computer and openly discuss someone's Snapchat account, picking apart every single thing they chose to share online. 

How someone could spend time out of their day to tear someone apart and start a negative conversation about a particular influencer with 5,000 people is beyond me. 

I knew influencer's got hate, but this is just insane.

What do you think about these Facebook groups? If you want to know the exact group I'm referring to just contact me on any of my social media links below and I'll be happy to share.

Top- Zara / Jeans- H&M / Bag- Topshop / Shoes- Vans