The Body Shop Vitamin E Sink in Moisture Mask | A Travel Essential

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

The Body Shop Vitamin E Sink in Moisture Mask | A Travel Essential
Behold, a savour for your skin!

I was first introduced to this product after watching Suzie's May Favourites. I had been looking into expanding my skincare collection and changing up my routine so she really sold this to me.

Overall my skin isn't too bad, it can get a tiny bit oily from time to time but other than that I have some dehydration lines on my forehead. For years I didn't do anything about them, I just accepted the fact that I don't drink enough water (so so bad I know) until I got my hands on this gem from The Body Shop. 

The texture is jelly like but more liquidy.. To be honest it's so hard to describe! If you ever get the chance to go into The Body Shop just give this a feel and you'll understand what I'm talking about. You put as much as you want on your skin and just leave it for a while. The length of time you need to leave it obviously depends on how much you put on. I found if I put on a lot, I have to wipe a bit off after a while because it's just not sinking in! 

I just love this because it does what it says on the tin, my skin feels so moisturised after I use it. It gets rid of my dehydration lines and it creates a great base for makeup. 

Also it's perfect for long haul flights. On my recent trip to Florida I used this on the plane and I was amazed at how quickly it soaked into my skin! I hate the feeling of my skin after a flight and this solved that problem in no time.

Overall I would recommend trying this out, especially if you have dehydrated skin and you're on a budget!

Have you ever tried this product? What is your favourite product from The Body Shop?!

USA Beauty Haul | Sephora, MAC and Ulta

Saturday, 4 July 2015

USA Beauty Haul | Sephora, MAC and Ulta
Hello everyone!
I am writing to you today from a gloomy Dublin (what happened to the expected heatwave?!) not very happy to be back from sunny Florida. Before I get too moany I'll move swiftly on to the makeup that I picked up while I was there.. I'm so happy with everything I bought and I was so very proud that I didn't go too OTT! I tried my best to refrain from trying this makeup but I failed miserably so I may throw in a few mini reviews or first impressions along the way. Be prepared for quite a lengthy post with so much USA beauty goodness so make sure to grab a cuppa!

Sephora is such a wonderful place that is so easy to get sucked into buying so many things you don't need as the staff are so helpful however I just bought three things, two of which I had my eye on for a while. The first of which is the Laura Mercier Oil Free Tinted Moisturiser which I am very impressed with. I mix it with a darker BB Cream and it gives such nice light coverage and lasts quite a long time. The other product which I desperately wanted is the Too Faced Natural Matte palette filled with gorgeous buttery eyeshadows that are to die for. 
As you may know, as you queue in Sephora you are surrounded by minis and boy do they suck you in! I ended up buying the Makeup Forever HD Powder but it worked out well as my current powder actually broke on the trip home.
As a free sample I picked the Urban Decay Peversion Mascara which I have tried but I'm not too impressed with.. I'll keep trying it and report back!

So much cheaper and more products? You can't really go wrong with stocking up on some MAC while in the states. I picked up three lipsticks which are all matte finishes- Diva, Russian Red and Whirl. Yes you heard me right, Whirl has been made into lipstick form but is only available in the US at the moment.
On to concealer, I ran out of my go to Pro Longwear Concealer so I had to repurchase it while I was there.

I had a few things on my list of products from the drugstore that I wanted so I picked them all up! From Covergirl I got the Outlast 3 in 1 foundation in the shade Classic Ivory, a shade darker than the one I got last year along with Clump Crusher Extensions Lash Blast Mascara. 
From Ardell (aka the best lashes ever), I picked up the Demi Wispies and 110 Natural along with two EOS Lip Balms.
You can't go to the states and not pick up a Milani Baked Blush! The one that Lizzy kindly picked up for me was the colour Dolce Pink. The colour is amazing however my only complaint is that the glitter is quite thick and I feel that it is quite noticeable when I wear it.
I was intrigued to try the Crest 3D White Strips (which I am loving so far) so I picked them up along with the Its a 10 Miracle Leave in Conditioner Plus Keratin, a product I loved last year.

Aaaaand I think thats it! I'm so happy with everything I got and I hope you enjoyed reading all about the US Beauty bits I picked up while I was in Florida.