The Truth About Living Abroad

Thursday, 5 April 2018

The Truth About Living Abroad

'My heart swings back and forth between the need for routine and the urge to run' 

It took three months for the hustle and bustle to simmer, for the inconsistant stream of 'what next' to finally fade. I am now in a routine and life is blissful.

I never thought about how life would go on on a daily basis when I moved somewhere completely new. I just thought about the excitement of moving into a new apartment which I hasn’t a clue what would be like, trying to find a job doing god knows what and the mad new nights out and experiences I would have. As I have officially settled into Chicago life, working a 9-5 job and becoming a weekend warrior, it is strange to think that I have gotten into such a normal routine doing such mundane tasks.

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I say mundane tasks, but nothing will beat meeting crazy people and hitting a late bar on a Friday or Saturday night followed by brunch on a Sunday with flowing mimosas and the ritual cinema date (thanks to movie pass- bless that invention). On a daily basis I find myself working 8 hours a day, the odd day of meal prep, going to the gym (god who have I become) and on top of that trying to film and edit videos, take instagrams and just be a sociable gal. Unfortunately i have let my love for my little blog be kicked to the curb as basically life just got in the way along with finally starting my true passion- video editing. Also- how FAB is this playsuit from Tobi??

Well didn’t I just get side tracked? When you move away- you tell everyone about the exciting moments that wouldn’t happen at all back on the emerald isle. Things like getting into an ‘Uber’, inviting her in and being robbed during the night because in fact she was not an Uber driver 🙄. But in reality, you have to make a living and most days we are the same, mundane tasks that you are at home. 

It’s easy to look at everyone’s lives abroad and think ‘wow, they’re living the life’ but the grass is always greener I’m telling you. I like to think that if I'm just working away, I may as well be doing that abroad while I can rather than at home (but thats just me).  Don’t get me wrong, I in fact do think I’m living the life I need to be right now and enjoying every minute of this crazy city.