September Favourites

Monday, 28 September 2015

September Favourites
With the warm hazy mornings replaced with a cold, sharp breeze it is evident that Autumn is truly well underway. I feel that (as most of the months in 2015) has flashed before my eyes and can we appreciate that it is less that 100 days until Christmas?! I'm already getting excited. For me, September was filled with work and going back to university so although I have been busy I have been taking note of everything I have been loving.

MAC Lipstick in Russian Red
Hands down, my all time favourite red! This has been my go to lip colour through this month as with the arrival of Autumn it is finally more acceptable to wear bold lips (not that I didn't wear them throughout the summer anyway!!). Russian Red is a blue toned red which makes you're teeth look super white, which is always a bonus! As it is a matte formula it can be drying, but nothing a little lip balm can't fix in my opinion. 

I won't go on about this too much as I discussed it in my last post about my favourite makeup (find that post here) but it is an amazing buffing brush for foundation and it is a great price. I would highly recommend it.

American Horror Story
After hearing endless recommendations about this show I finally decided to bite the bullet and start watching it on Netflix. I can honestly say that I am hooked! I watched all 12 episodes of the first series in about a week.. Each series has a different plot which includes pretty much the same cast, which is really interesting. The show is quite weird and frightening, which is why I would say it is a strange take on the horror genre but don't be put off! The cinematography and plots are so intriguing and so unique, another reason why I love it so much! I think this can be a bit of a marmite show but give it a go, it will probably suck you in! 

I'm sorry this has been a short favourites, but hopefully there will be a few more next month!
What have been your September favourites?!

Makeup Brushes | My Top Picks

Friday, 25 September 2015

Makeup Brushes | My Top Picks

My absolute favourite brush to apply foundation with. The brush is dense enough that i can easily buff the product into my skin and its slight dome shape allows me to apply product easily all over my face. This brush has synthetic fibres, which I personally prefer.

What did I do before I had a concealer brush in my life? If you don't have one, please try one- it's amazing what it can do! This is also quite a dense brush which blends concealer in beautifully!

These are the brushes I use most to do some crease work (what) and blend shadows out. The Zoeva brushes are a mix of natural and synthetic fibres, something that I didn't think I would like but now I absolutely love them- they blend out shadows so seamlessly! The 228 brush is quite large and fluffy whereas the Nima brush and the 231 are smaller which is perfect to give more definition to your eye look.

This has to be one of my all time favourites- a synthetic brush that is perfect to add definition into the 'outer v' of your eye look and a great size to apply eye shadow under your eyes.

I use this synthetic brush to apply bronzer. It picks up just the right amount of product and it is a great size to apply it to warm up my complexion.

When I first laid eyes on this brush I knew I had to have it! As it is so dense and such a good shape it is perfect for contouring. It fits exactly into the hollows of my cheeks and with the right product, makes the perfect 'shadow'!

The newest addition to my brush collection.. I got this as I have recently gotten into blushes and I didn't know what else to buy! I really like this as it is tapered and the perfect shape and density to add some colour to my cheeks.

So that was a round up of all of my favourite makeup brushes. As you can tell, I'm a big fan of Zoeva.. I got the Complete Set for my birthday in March and I really would recommend it. Another thing to note- Apologies that my brushes are so dirty.. I know, I know I really need to clean them more! Thanks for reading!

Etsy Home Wear Wish List

Monday, 21 September 2015

Etsy Home Wear Wish List
What did I do before Etsy came into my life? Basically if you don't know what Etsy is, it is an online marketplace where people can sell their products and basically make your house look instantly 'Pintrestable'! 
These are the things that I have been recently eyeing up on Etsy..

For some reason, I'm in love with these shelves! The same shop also has triangle shelves just like these which I also have my eye on..

I just couldn't resist these mugs! I am a crazy cat lady after all..

This shop makes THE CUTEST cards, I just want to buy them all!

How cute would this look in blog photos though?!

I have linked the shop above as I just can't choose which vase I like the best. They are all adorable and so Pinterest, ah I want them all!

As cactus' have been having a bit of a moment over the last while, this would make such a cute addition to your room.

A bit of a random one, but how cute would this be on your dog's collar?! 

What is on your Etsy wish list? Make sure to leave me your favourite Etsy shops below and thanks for reading!

Fleur Loves Eyelashes | Fleur de Force for Eylure

Friday, 18 September 2015

Fleur Loves Eyelashes | Fleur de Force for Eylure
Last month, Fleur from Fleur DeForce released an eyelash collection with Eylure! How exciting?! She released four different styles but from the first time I laid eyes on 'Fleur Loves' I knew I had to have them.

I couldn't wait to try them as Eylure is my favourite brand for eyelashes (along with Ardell- who doesn't love the Demi Whispies?!). They have so many styles and I never have to trim them down, which is always a plus.
There are several reasons why I was drawn to 'Fleur Loves' in the collection, firstly it was the length. As my lashes are quite short, I find that dramatic lashes look really out of place on me and more natural, everyday lashes look better. These lashes are perfect as they are not too dramatic however they will look great on a night out! Secondly I love that they are crossed over for a more natural look. As they are flared out at the side and are 3/4 length, they have a gorgeous cat eye effect that I have been loving lately. 

The University Student's Makeup Menu

Monday, 14 September 2015

The University Student's Makeup Menu
As I am heading back to university soon I thought it was only fitting to talk through some of the products I slap on my face in the morning to make myself look semi- presentable!

Take care of your skin
For me, when I take the time to fully do my skincare routine my skin loves me for it! I really do see a difference. I would recommend, if you don't have a skin care routine already, stop by Caroline Hirons blog and start treating yo' skin, it'll thank you for it. 

Conceal the bags
-An essential for me anyway! I have been recently been using more correcting products and I am constantly asking myself 'why didn't I do this sooner?!?'. After one of my friends gave me the Bobbi Brown Corrector it has been life changing as the pink undertones counteracts the blue and purple under your eyes. I have since moved on to Erase Paste by Benefit but it needs to be set or it will crease, you've been warned! If I spent too much time online shopping the night before (I swear that doesn't happen very often *cough cough*) I tend to go for the MAC Pro Longwear Concealer as it is much more full coverage.

Open the eyes
Even applying one of two coats of mascara can make you look so much more awake! I have been reaching for my all time favourite, the Covergirl Lash Blast or else the Benefit Roller Lash.

Define the brows
As your brows frame your face, this is an essential step that I just wouldn't miss. I find that the quickest way I can do my brows is with the Soap and Glory Brow Archery. It is just so quick and easy to apply, which is why it is good for me as I can't go very wrong when I'm half asleep.

I hope you enjoyed this post and got a nice insight of what I do in the mornings before university. Even though as a beauty blogger there is nothing more that I love then doing my makeup, I like to keep it minimal mainly because I'm rushing out the door! 

What makeup do you wear to school/ college?!

Amsterdam Photo Diary

Friday, 11 September 2015

Amsterdam Photo Diary
A few weeks ago, I jetted off to the beautiful city of Amsterdam for two nights. As it was a city that I had never visited before, I couldn't wait to get out and explore. It is a gorgeous city filled with canals, stunning architecture and plenty to do. 

-Heineken Experience
-Rent a peddle boat
-The Ice Bar
-The Van Gough Museum
-Rent a bike- it is so nice to cycle around the canals and do some exploring! It was so cheap to rent the bikes and such a handy way to get around and experience the city. Just to note you must give a deposit on the bikes, if you bring your passport it was €50 each I believe however it can be even more expensive with just a drivers licence.

Cafe De Jaren
We went here for dinner one of the nights and it was so nice. We went when it was dark and sat on the terrace overlooking the city- I would really recommend it!

Book the Anne Frank Museum in advance, and I mean way in advance! As soon as you book the trip, book tickets. I went to book tickets over a month in advance and they were sold out until October. We attempted to queue one morning but after arriving ten minutes before it opened the queue was already four hours long.. It is safe to say we weren't waiting around which is such a shame as it was something I really wanted to do. 

Have you ever been to Amsterdam? What was your favourite thing about it?!