Thursday, 24 November 2016

There is nothing like listening to someone talk about their passions. Their demeanor changes and you can see something special ignite in their eyes and the joy radiate from them. They get lost in the moment, their pace gets faster- finding that spark in life is magical. 

The thing I love about it so much it that its contagious. While listening to someone talk about what they love, it makes me feel passionate too, the motivation and drive sets in and I'm all go. 

"Do more of what lights your soul on fire" 

The blog has been in my life for a few years now, but before the beginning of the 2016, I never really took it seriously. I didn't know what anyone would think, even though the rise of blogging and social media influencers was so prominent, when you have quite a small following it can get difficult to get your foot in the door and people in your life to understand why you're doing it and what it is. It was funny though, once people learned about what I was doing and saw that I was passionate about it- they enjoyed hearing about it. The blog has slowly started to revolve around my everyday life and I couldn't be happier.

Recently I attended the launch of the Irish Blogger Agency in Cork after being unable to attend the Dublin launch a few weeks ago. The day was filled with speakers who talked about their story and tips to help us with our blogs. I came away from the day feeling so motivated, inspired and ready to get up and take my blog to the next level.

Shirt / Trousers  / Bag

My little space on the internet is my passion. Although I love college- writing these posts, talking pictures, planning Instagrams, even going through my emails is what I love to do.  I'm incredibly lucky to be able to meet like minded people so regularly that share my passion too- there is nothing better. 

I really hope you experience this feeling of having a passion and if you do, pursue it, express it and you never know what could happen.