My Internet Firsts TAG

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

My Internet Firsts TAG
I remember first getting the internet, and a computer actually. I was pretty late to get one actually because when I was about 10 my teacher told us to put up our hand if we either had a computer or a play station, I was the only one in the class who didn't have either.. :(

I saw this tag on YouTube done by Lily Melrose so I said I'd give it a go on my blog as I don't usually do tag's!

First User Name?
The first place I needed a username was on stardoll as far as I can remember.. My friend Lilly gave me her account and its name was 'Rosebud', something like that, it definitely had rose in there somewhere! I thought I was really cool back then with that name, unfortunately now I can't log back on. :(

First Email Address?
It's still my current email address! I went to a computer camp when I was about 11 and they made me set a boring old one, at least I don't cringe every time I give it out.

First Tweet?
'hair, why won't you grow?'  Oh how things haven't changed since September 25th 2011.

First Facebook Status?
'Dunno wah im doin :L' Ok where were the grammar police when I needed them? 8th of September 2009 must have been the day that I created my Facebook, luckily in the past few years I have stopped posting statuses (it's probably for the best).

First Instagram picture?
I have to say, Instagram is one of my favourite social media sites. This is my first photo which I posted on the 9th of August 2011, a bit strange as it is snowing..

First Blog?
This one, and I have been loving it so far. I did however have a tumblr back when I was about 15 but I never go on it anymore.

First YouTube video?
I don't have a YouTube channel.. 

I tag you!

I would like to apologise in advance for the possible lack of posts coming your way over the next two weeks as on Monday I am starting my mock exams. However then I have a week off so I'll be back on track!

Black on Black

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Black on Black
Black is just one of them classic colours that I recently can't get enough of. Ever since I bought my first ever pair of black jeans a few months ago I have been loving the colour. These are some black clothing pieces that I have my eye on lately!

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Phone Candy

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Phone Candy

I just love getting new phone cases. Although I don't get them that often, my iPhone is almost 2 years old and I think I only had four cases, However I do love to switch things up now and again.

You'll probably only get this one if your a Harry Potter fan like me, but isn't it just so cute? And it was such a bargain! I got it on here if you are interested.

Oh how I love Cath Kidston! Although this came at a price that I usually wouldn't justify paying for an iPhone case, when I was in London in February last year I just couldn't resist. The case has been on my phone since then so as you can tell its worth the money and just so cute. Unfortunately I can't find the exact one on the website but you can check all of the other cases here.

What's your favourite place to buy iPhone cases?

I broke my spending ban..

Sunday, 19 January 2014

I broke my spending ban..
..But in my opinion it was justified! If you read my last post, my new years resolutions, then you will know that I have put myself on a spending ban until June because I am going to America and I plan to do some damage in the beauty department, Sephora especially.

I recently found out that Wet 'n' Wild has arrived in Dublin, in Dunnes Stores of all places, so yesterday I rushed to Stephens Green Shopping Centre with high expectations! To justify my purchases I know that I would have bought them anyway in America so I thought 'why not now??'. My purchases came to about €10, higher than you would pay in the states but I couldn't resist. I got the palettes 'Walking on Eggshells' and 'Petal Pusher'.

Next we headed into TK Maxx, a shop that I generally hate as I like when everything is neat and tidy and easy to see in a shop. I was then completely over the moon to see a tub of 'Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque'!! I only knew of one place in Ireland that sells this, and it's not near me so I  put it on my 'America Wishlist'. I heard raving reviews about this product so I didn't hesitate to buy it. It retails for about €31 and I got it for €22 so I was delighted. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for a review in a few weeks...

Although my spending ban does not seem to be going too well so far, I'll keep you posted!

"New Year, New Me"

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

"New Year, New Me"

Such a cliché post, I know and although I am late, better late than never right?

Note my sarcasm in the title. I spent days scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed with countless status' along those lines. For me the new year doesn't necessarily mean that I have to change myself, just maybe improve on some small things so I succeed to my full potential.

I initially didn't think that I would write one of these posts but after some thought that if I didn't write my resolutions down somewhere, would I really go through with them?

Enough rambling, on to my resolutions!

1) Stay Organised:
For Christmas a planner found it's way into my stocking, I have started to use it. Usually I'm a procrastinator but lately I have been getting the things I need to do done because I have them written down on front of me. It keeps me well on track of blog posts, school work and study.

2) Appreciate the small things in life:
Last year made me learn to not take life for granted. This year I need to appreciate everything I do and have, living my life to it's full potential because you never know what day will be your last.

3) Spending ban until June:
Apart from the necessary items like my favourite keratin shampoo from Treséme, I am to spend no money on beauty or fashion items until June. I am going to Chicago and California in June followed by London in August so to be honest I can't afford to spend unnecessary money. I also have my debs, plus I hope to start college in September.. The thought of all the money I have to part with this year makes want to shed a tear!!

As you may not know, I am my final year of secondary school which means I have very big exams at the end of the year, exams that ultimately decide what I will be able to do for the rest of my life. I tend to be too laid back sometimes and push things like studying aside but I really do have to get the ball rolling! Although you may not see as many blog posts from me due to my exams, I am determined to get at least one up a week.

What are your resolutions for 2014?

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Hair Inspiration: Kylie Jenner

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Hair Inspiration: Kylie Jenner

Ok so let me just start by saying how fabulous is Kylie Jenner? About two weeks ago I was shocked to see her post on Instagram to show that she cut her hair and I think I am in love. 

If you know me, you will know that my hair does not grow. I have always wanted waist length hair but it just seems to be stuck at the same length so I feel like I'm at a dead end. 

If I must admit, Ms. Jenner has definitely tempted me into getting the chop! This length looks amazing on her and if I'm honest it would certainly get rid of all my split ends.

What's your opinion on Kylie's new do?

Images courtesy of Kylie's Instagram

MAC BB Beauty Balm Review

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

MAC BB Beauty Balm Review
Hello everyone, I hope 2014 is treating you well so far. As for me I am back to school (unfortunately) but I am trying to enjoy it as much as possible as I am graduating in May. Anyway less rambling and more reviewing!

For Christmas I received some lovely MAC goodies and thrown in along with them was two samples, one of which was the MAC BB Beauty Balm. I had no idea that MAC had this product, a BB cream, I always hear about their foundations on YouTube but never have I once heard about a BB cream so I was very excited to try it out.

First of all can we just talk about how much product they give you in this sample? I have gotten a good few uses from this and there is still a lot left in it.

I apply this with my Expert Face Brush from Real Techniques and it gives me a light coverage. However I'm in love with this product because it really gets rid of the redness in my skin and evens out my skin tone flawlessly. This is not great for covering spots but for the good skin days its perfect.

I prefer this product over some foundations like the 'Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow' from Benefit which doesn't even out my skin tone as well as this product. 

It has quite a thick consistency but blends out well. My only flaw about this product is when I used the MAC Prep and Prime Skin Primer (the other sample I received), the BB cream clung to my dry patches, between my eyebrows especially. I have not experienced this any other time, just when I used that product underneath. 

This product also has SPF 35, perfect for the summer!

What is your favourite foundation or BB cream?

January Wish List

Saturday, 4 January 2014

January Wish List
Hello and happy new year! For my very first blog post of 2014 I decided to do my January wish list. 

The first item on my wish list this month is the ASOS PETITE Exclusive Swing Dress with Collar and Cuffs. I am in love with collars so I absolutely love this dress. Unfortunately it is only sold in petite, and I'm sure I would be too tall for this dress but I love it anyway.

Secondly we have the 'All That Glitters' eyeshadow from MAC. Although my palette has become very full over Christmas, I can never seem to take my eye off this colour when I am in the store. I feel as though my palette is lacking some brighter colours so I think that this colour may be a nice edition.

Next we have the Bourjois Paris Bronzing Primer. This is apparently a great dupe for the Chanel one so I would love to give it a try. I have only recently got into bronzers and so far I have been loving my Sleek Contour Kit but I would love to branch out a bit more.  

The Muji drawers are something that I have been eyeing for a while now. Everyone seems to rave about these and they make your makeup storage so clean and sleek looking so I am looking into investing in some. There a few different types online so I am still doing my research on YouTube about the best ones for me but I will keep you posted on my choice. 

Lastly I have this ASOS Colour Block Baseball Top. I have been searching for a basic baseball top like this everywhere on the high street and I cannot find one anywhere but finally I found one on ASOS. I really like these basic tops as I don't have anything like it in my wardrobe. I recently realised that I do not own any cotton t shirts, most of my tops are fancier, really not for casual, everyday use.

What is on your January wish list?