MAC Lipstick Collection

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

MAC Lipstick Collection

Oh MAC lipsticks, it is getting to the point where every time I pass a MAC counter I am drawn to the lipsticks and walk out a half an hour later with a hand full of swatches. I honestly don't know how anyone can not like them, they have a shade for everyone and they smell divine!!

On to my collection.. Although I only have four, I thought I would show you them all anyway. I also want to document my collection and how much it will probably grow (is that sad? Oh well!). 

My first and only neutral is Creme Cup which is a creme sheen finish. Most people have referred to this as 'the perfect nude' shade but I have to disagree. I really did buy it due to all the hype but in reality its far too blue toned and just washes me out :(. The finish of the lipstick is really nice and it looks ok when I pat it onto my lips but in reality my lips are just too dark for the colour.

Next I have Rebel which is a satin finish. Ladies I am in love. This was my first ever MAC lipstick which I also bought due to the unbelievable hype over it last Autumn/ Winter but I am so glad that I did. As you can see it is a berry colour and although it may not be quite suited in the Spring/ Summer time I will try to make it work!

This is Russian Red which is a matte finish. The perfect red in my opinion along with Kate Moss 107. I adore wearing red lipstick and I try to wear it any chance I get but when I do this is my go to colour. As it is matte, it is quite drying so I tend to pile on the vaseline the night before and it does the job. This lipstick also lasts all day which is always a plus.

Lastly I have Ruby Woo which is a matte finish, but slightly brighter than Russian Red. I got this unexpectedly from a friend last Christmas but I am so very glad I did! I tend to reach for this one for day time and Russian Red for night time for some reason. This one is slightly more drying, but it is to be expected as it is matte, but it stays on equally as long too.

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What is your favourite MAC lipstick?

DIY Kimono

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

DIY Kimono
I have always loved sewing and making things, I have been doing it since I was young, so recently when I found the opportunity to make a kimono I jumped at the chance.

LaurDIY (I will link all of her social media below) uploaded a video to YouTube of an easy tutorial on how to make a kimono a few weeks ago so when I saw it I went out the following day to get the fabric. I really do like kimonos, I only have one but I do enjoy the trend anyway. 

This tutorial is super easy, honestly anyone could do it. I turned the same scarf that Lauren did into a kimono, yep a scarf, to make it better it was only €9! 

Don't forget to check out Lauren's links below as she creates the best DIY's!

The Five Work Makeup Tag

Sunday, 9 March 2014

The Five Work Makeup Tag

Last week I was tagged by the lovely Holly to do 'The Five Word Makeup Tag'. I hadn't heard of it before Holly's post but it sounded like a really interesting idea so I decided to do it!

The rules are:

  • List your favourite makeup products and describe why you like them in 5 words.
  • At least one product for each category: Eyes, Lips & Face 
  • Phrases such as 'high coverage' count as one word - if you were just to say 'high' it would be pretty vague and so use a phrase where you see fit, another example being 'Long Lasting' being one word. 

MAC eyeshadow in 'Woodwinked': Expensive, versatile, duo chrome, gorgeous on its own,  neutral.
Naked 2 Palette: Neutrals, great value for money, pigmented, creamy, cool tones.

Bourjois Colour Boost Lip Crayon in 'Prune': Glossy finish, suitable for everyday wear, unique, does't last all day, plum colour.
MAC Lipstick in 'Russian Red': Classic red, blue undertones, worth the money, matte, lasts all day.

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer: Cheap, full coverage, can crease, limited shade range, 
Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation: Favourite, Medium Coverage, Dewey Finish, Drugstore, Brightening.

March Fashion Wish List

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

March Fashion Wish List

With the end of my secondary school days fast approaching, it has dawned on me that by May I will never wear a school uniform again. As a result I have taken a good look at my wardrobe and realised the limited amount of casual clothes I have so I have created my March fashion wish list!

Firstly we have these Forever 21 Ripped Jeans. I have been loving the boyfriend and mom jean looks over the past few months but I never thought I could pull them off. I found these online and I think they are a less intense version of the trend so I feel as they are much more wearable for me.

Next is this Forever 21 Grid Sweater. Jumpers like this are essential in the baltic irish climate and I love throwing them on on days that I really couldn't be bothered thinking up an outfit! This is a statement piece so paired with some black jeans or leggings you're sorted!

The ASOS Colour Block Baseball Top has been on my wish list for ages now, it was even featured in one of my wish lists a few months ago! It's just such a basic piece that is perfect for everyday use.

Ever since I saw these Topshop shoes on Lily Melrose I fell in love with them. They are such casual shoes yet they are different from your typical converse. I am getting fed up of my usual black Primark boots so these would be a nice change.

Lastly I have my eye on the New Look Winged Satchel. New Look have been producing the most fabulous bags lately and I have been loving going into the shop and looking at them all! This one I think is perfect as it is a good size and because it is black and tan it goes with most outfits.

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What is on your March wish list?

Also happy birthday to my girl Lizzy who is 18 today! Make sure you go check her blog out :)

February Favourites

Saturday, 1 March 2014

February Favourites

As usual, February went by in a flash but I am glad it is over purely because March is my birthday month. To make it even better I am 18 this month which is very exciting!! Anyway, on to my favourites..

My beauty favourite this month has been Essie's Fiji. As I feel like although it is still cold, Spring is in the air and this colour is a perfect Spring/ Summer colour. It is an extremely pale pink colour which I love. Plus, Essie's nail varnishes are amazing. I applied several coats of this one night and it lasted a good 5 days without chipping, impressive if you as me!

My fashion has to be my new top from Topshop. It is this gorgeous black and white crop top that I paired with black jeans and a red lip. I know it's not for everyone but I am in love with it. As far as I know it has a matching skirt to go with it if you are interested.

My random favourite this month is an actor and a movie. I saw 'That Awkward Moment' in the cinema with Lizzy this month and let me tell you, it had us laughing all the way through. I would highly recommend this movie, it also helps that Zac Efron is the main character as he is definitely easy on the eyes. Although Zac is beautiful in that movie, my favourite actor of the month has to be Miles Teller, another main character in this movie. After seeing him in this movie I watched some of his others like 'Project X' and 'The Spectacular Now' I have really grown to like him! 

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What are your February favourites?